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Who You Got?

Heading back to KC, not only do the Royals need to get back to their home ballpark, but they also need to get back to their style that got them to the ‘ship in the first place. The Kansas City Royals DO NOT NEED TO SCORE MORE THAN 2 RUNS to win this game tonight. Here at The Cleat Sheet, we bet on the Giants, but are supporting the Royals.
Tonight, I like that the Royals are sending Yordano out on the bump. He is wild and hums fire. It is different than the Shields, Davis, Holland mold and less predictable – IF HE THROWS OFF SPEED EARLY IN THE GAME. Sandoval, Pence, and even Crawford right now are too good at hitting fastballs when they know it’s coming. If Ventura can get through six with only giving up one run, mixing up off speed with his nasty, crazy heat keeping hitters off balance, The Royals will win this game. Yordano Ventura is a youngster with gas and spirit. If he can get the Royals to the bullpen with a lead, they will be in good shape.
On the other side, Peavy is going to bring it. There is no doubt that he will get through five giving upĀ 3 or fewer runs. However, that may be enough for the Royals to win. The Giants are due to have an off offensive night, although their studs show no sign of slowing. Pablo Sandoval has literally made an additional $4 million minimum per year on his new contract with his play this October. If he and Pence show up, the Giants will win.
The likeliest scenerio, and I guess we’ll call this my prediction, is a 3-2 Giants win. Ventura does fine, Gordon, Moose, and Butler don’t contribute, Dyson and Gore can’t bring the Royals back, and the most professional organization in baseball, The San Francisco Giants, win their third World Series in five years and beckon dynasty calls.
Who you got?