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Two Teams Dominating The Hot Stove



“Cheer For Cherington”

The Boston Red Sox are clearly headlining this Hot Stove Season by splashing into California’s free agent offerings. It appears that once again, the Red Sox are loading up on bats and personalities as they did just a few years ago. Although that 2011 squad, with new acquisitions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, won many games, they did not have good team chemistry and ended up being trade pieces that returned a World Series in 2013 to the Red Sox. Potentially, these acquisitions are very similar and provide the team with bullets to use at the deadline. I don’t like signing Hanley Ramirez to a $100+ million contract when he is going to complain about playing left field, and may only make it through 85 games each season. But The Big Panda Express is going to be loved in Bean Town, and his beard might get a little longer. The Red Sox’ 2015 outlook is bright, and if they land Lester, then Ben Cherington can go on vacation for a few months and just field calls begging for Cespedes.

“GM Hahn, LaRoping ’em In”

The Chicago White Sox’ GM Rick Hahn is making a name for himself as a guy who gets deals done. He targets a player, as he did with Abreu last year, and ensures that if he likes someone, he is on the roster the following season. Zach Duke was dynamite out of the ‘pen last year- support The Clean Stockings desperately need. Adding Adam Laroche could lead to an even bigger campaign by the aforementioned Abreu. If that happens, then The White Sox will be contending. Also, look for Alexei Ramirez’ name to continue to pop up in trade talks. The White Sox need to continue to bolster the bullpen. Expect the Royals and Tigers to take a step back and the AL Central to be as competitive in all of baseball for the 2015 Summer. Two top tier southpaws in Sale and Quintana will lead this rotation, and if Rondon can go 200 Big League innings, and the bullpen can simply improve to middle of the pack, this team will win 85+ games in 2015.