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Joey Gallo – Raw Power

The key to determining what a future may hold for a top prospect with high hopes such as Joey Gallo, is the players ability to make adjustments and improve in areas of his game where he lacks. Joey Gallo can hit the ball to Saturn… or at least into the windshield of a Saturn at the 2014 Future’s Game 440 feet away. In Rookie and A Ball in 2013, Gallo’s OBP was .338. That number was far too low for a highly touted player in low level ball. However, Gallo’s approach at the plate has matured in 2014. His OBP has increased by 62 percentage points to an even .400. This is a good adjustment made by the young power hitter showing an ability to change.

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The Cleat Sheet Scouts Top Shortstops


Today, The Cleat Sheet is going to take a look at the top three shortstop prospects in baseball. Since we want to understand the impact on MLB franchises these star prospects can have, our commentary is based on a combination of prospective talent and MLB readiness. Continue reading The Cleat Sheet Scouts Top Shortstops