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Lester the Molestar?

Relax. Molestar means “to bother” in Spanish. And, that has been what Jon Lester has been doing to several teams, and especially fans. Fans, who are just waiting for the bat to drop, and Lester to choose where he will bring his leadership and left arm. To update, the Cubs are leading the pack in terms of dollars with a 6 year, $138MM offer on the table. The Red Sox are at 6 years and “a willingness” to go to $130MM. Both of those landing spots obviously make sense for Lester. The Red Sox appear to be ready to go from last to first again, while Lester may have to endure at least one more season of mediocrity in Chicago.

The Giants must feel like they have to spend some cash after losing The Panda Express, so they could approach those numbers and have an attractive team, an attractive battery mate (who may only catch 50 games next year) and an attractive something else that may just make the Bay Area so damn desirable (I don’t get it, but everyone seems to want to move there).

Not likely the Braves are going to be able to get up to $130, so I think they’re out and just trying to swoon their home town hero back to A-town. Not gonna happen.

I predict he is back in Boston. $1.25mm per year probably is not enough for him to go to Chicago with more risk of not being competitive. It is entirely possible that Boston starts the season with both Cespedes and Lester on the roster. (What is Billy Beane doing?) (Like seriously, what is he doing right now?)

Keith Law doesn’t know either…