MLB Ready Rating

The second method to judge prospects, and unique to The Cleat Sheet, is rating each player by his MLB readiness and providing the player an MLB Ready Rating. This is a tool that fans can use to better understand when they might see their franchise’s savior at the big league level.

It is important to note, that this rating is independent from Prospect Ratings. However, high combinations of both reflect top prospects, while disparities between the two ratings suggest flaws with the prospect.

MLB Ready Rating – on a similar 20 – 80 scale as Prospect Ratings with different details

20 – 35 These players are too young. Usually, international signees and no one has any idea how these guys will grow, but yes, players can still have a high prospect rating and fall in this range with their MLB Ready Rating.

35 – 45 These players are young and in their first or second season of professional baseball. Their prospect rating will represent raw talent, but their MLB Ready Rating in this area shows a need for significant refining of that talent.

50 is average.

50 – 60 These players are on the cusp. Possibly just one full season away from The Bigs. These guys have clear strengths and weaknesses. All focus will be on improving their weaknesses to increase their ready rating so their organization is prepared to introduce them to MLB. These players can be September Call-ups.

60 – 75 These players are ready to go. Organizational strategy is only preventing them at this point. If combined with an above average prospect rating, these players will most likely be June Call-ups, they will definitely be September Call-ups, and will probably be starters on next year’s Opening Day Roster.



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