The All Futures Team

Untitled drawing-2The MLB has recently announced the lineups for 2014 Futures All-Star Game. This is a great opportunity for the future stars of baseball to get a taste of what a sold out stadium feels like in the middle of the summer. Last year, Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium put on a perfect presentation of great talent. The players on this years roster are the top prospects in baseball. Of course, they are all prospects, and future success is never guaranteed. However, these are the closest players to guaranteed success at the Major League level. The full World and US Team rosters can be seen here. 

The Cleat Sheet is going to take the rosters of each team and compile an “All Futures Team”. This team is not only going to include the best prospects playing in the game, but it will also be made up of the players who are most likely to go from Futures All-Star to Major League All-Star. Once again, we will be using our criteria of prospect rating as well as our MLB Readiness Rating to determine The Cleat Sheet’s All Futures Team.

Here is The 2014 All Prospect Team Starting Lineup (Prospect Rating / MLB Ready Rating):

1. Mookie Betts, 2B, Red Sox – 60 / 55

2. Francisco Lindor, SS, Indians – 65 / 75

3. Joey Gallo, DH, Rangers – 55 / 45

4. Kris Bryant, 3B, Cubs – 65 / 55

5. Kennys Vargas, 1B, Twinkies – 55 / 50

6. Josh Bell, LF, Pirates – 60 / 45

7. Domingo Santana, RF, Astros – 55 / 55

8. Jorge Alfaro, C, Rangers – 60 /45

9. Michael Taylor, CF, Nationals – 55 / 50

SP. Henry Owens, LHP, Red Sox – 65 / 55

SP. Robert Stephenson, RHP, Reds – 60 / 50

RP.  Julio Urias, LHP, Dodgers – 60 / 40

RP. Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Blue Jays – 65 / 55

This lineup would be unbeatable against any in Minor League Baseball. Versatile, smart, and mature hitters like Betts and Lindor will set the table. The big boppers in Gallo, Bryant, and Vargas will bring thump to the middle. Good balance at the backend with power in RBI positions in Bell and Santana, and speed in the 9 hole with Taylor to help set the table again. Bell and Alfaro are the biggest question marks to  fulfill their lofty expectations, however, the Pirates do a  great job raising their talent, and with Alfaro, every team needs a catcher that can hit. The pitching staff is the biggest gamble. As always with young pitching, you can only hope they reach their projection. But with lefties Owens and Urias deceiving hitters, and righties Sanchez and Stephenson blowing them away, the young guns will at least sell tickets.

Who knows, with a backend starter going, the Rays or Cubs could definitely drop one to this crew. Fortunately for the Cubs at least, the cleanup hitter in the All Futures Team lineup, will hopefully be the cleanup hitter for the big league club in the not too distant future.

 Untitled drawing-2


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